What is ATEK?

ATEK (American Traditional Ecological Knowledge) can be defined as "a cumulative body of knowledge, practice, and belief, evolving by adaptive processes and handed down through generations by American cultural transmission. It addresses the relationship of humans with one another and with their environment.

New-Native ATEK



n. Implementation of agriculture or aquaculture

New-Native Foundation supports the generational "organic" farmer and avante garde farmer focused on sustainability and viability of the ecosystem. The Foundation encourages the cultivation of crops with community in mind, community gardening, and programming that educates others to do the same.




n. The acquisition of food by hunting, fishing, or the gathering of plant matter.

New-Native Foundation supports the education and sustainable collection of wild edible and medicinal flora, fauna, and resources as a means to connect to one's local environment. Our mission encourages the respectful forager who understands the delicate balance of an ecosystem and procures only what is equal to the education offered through the experience.



n. Implementation of the science of developing, maintaining or cultivating forests and their related ecosystems

New-Native Foundation supports the process and data of the Forester for the purpose of monitoring the health and viability of changing landscapes among human encroachment. The trends and intimate ecological knowledge gleaned through the art of forestry are priceless resources on our relationship with Nature and its sustainability.



n. to track and take (wild animals) for sustenance or maintenance

New-Native Foundation supports the ethical tracking and hunting of animals that keeps the ecosystem in balance and respectful acknowledgement. A New-Native Hunter will make all efforts to use the entire animal while maintaining a humbleness and spiritual connection with the gift and right of passage.


Husbandry & Rehabilitation

n. the care, cultivation, and breeding of animals

New-Native Foundation supports the raising and rehabilitation of wildlife for release or sustenance. With the consideration of the ecosystem, New-Native Foundation supports the mindful cultivation of provisions for the local market through natural and humane practices.



Survival Skills

n. An education of "primitive" life skills through ecological adaptibility

New-Native Foundation supports the practice and education of outdoor immersion and leadership skills, including developing shelters, implements, first aid and related improvisations for human survival.





n. To follow or pursue the track, traces, or footprints of.

New-Native Foundation supports the respectful tracker who considers the ecosystem first before pursuing an encounter with any animal. Keen tracking skills are deeply encouraged in conjunction with any ethical hunting, hunter, or wildlife management supported by New-Native Foundation.



n. The remote capture of animals

New-Native Foundation supports the ethical trapping of animals for the purpose of relocation, education and wildlife management. As human encroachment on natural habitat increases, overpopulated, threatened and endangered species are managed by qualified trappers until ecosystems can be preserved.