New-Native Volunteer Charlotte

New-Native Volunteer Charlotte

Volunteer Opportunities at New-Native Foundation

Show your support for New-Native Foundation through our volunteer opportunities!


Projects our Volunteers are currently working on:

  • Implementation of Marketing Plan
  • Database Development
  • Outreach Initiatives
  • Educator Listings
  • Lesson Plans

Check for available Volunteer Positions! Click here to inquire!

New-Native Staff

As a volunteer organization, we employ the most talented and progressive contributors we can find to take the mission forward. Without your unique skills, we could never reach our nationwide grassroots goals. If you think you have what it takes to help bring our team to the next level, please inquire about the open position that fits your experience best!

High School Community Service

We are developing a New-Native Community Service Program to offer at high schools across the country to Seniors on an environmental college track that fits the New-Native Mission in unique and progressive ways! Ask your Guidance Counselor to connect with us to offer this program at your school!

New-Native Volunteer

We always need Volunteers! Log some Volunteer Hours with New-Native Foundation and help us spread the word about ATEK Skills and ATEK Educators! Share our social media posts! Know another way you can help? Inquire about becoming a New-Native Volunteer!


New-Native Interns help us get where we are aiming to go faster by logging weekly volunteer hours. Currently we have openings for Marketing Interns, Outreach Interns and Content Editors! Share in our mission? Have some applicable skills to offer? Let us know!