New-Native ATEK Educator database coming soon!

Who are our New-Native ATEK Educators?

New-Native Educators across the United States inspire their communities to experience American Traditional Ecological Knowledge (ATEK) skills, hands-on. That's because we believe in the "embodiment of knowledge". When we interact with Nature's principles we inspire lasting impressions through real life experiences.  These interactions are some of the most foundational experiences we can have as human beings. When we approach them with emphasis on ethics, they become lessons we can draw from, to educate each other and a Nation. Ultimately they are our own, drawn from life and not upon previous knowledge, borrowed or taken.

How do I become listed as a New-Native Educator?

It's free to be listed as an Educator! We do have some requirements to keep our database current and always genuine:

  • Minimum 21 years of age (or over 18 with special consideration)
  • Must be a searchable active Educator of minimum one ATEK skillset, as outline by New-Native ATEK standards
  • 3 or more years of real-life experience in your ATEK skillset
  • Sign and share the New-Native Pledge!
  • Provide a yearly Interview with our Outreach staff to keep your contributions current
  • Contribute at minimum one regionally specific ATEK contribution to our New-Native Blog per year
  • Host/Educate at minimum one public Event per year representing your New-Native affiliation, resulting in Pledges

How the New-Native Educator benefits:

  • Listed for one (1) year in the New-Native Foundation ATEK Educator Database among Educators from across the Nation
  • Publicly searchable as a New-Native Educator, supported proudly by all of us here at New-Native Foundation!
  • Interviews and approved written contributions are published to the New-Native Blog, alongside nationwide New-Native contributors
  • New-Native events are listed and searchable on the New-Native Foundation website and promoted via New-Native social media
  • Be a significant part of the only national database initiative to network together American Traditional Ecological Knowledge Keepers!